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Understanding License Time-out Feature

What is License Timeout?

The Network License Manager (FLEXnet) can be configured to reclaim a license when a client workstation is idle for longer than a defined time-out period, or the connection with the workstation is lost.

Common Queries.

Q1. How do I configure Timeout?

A1. Refer - http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=TS67304

Q2. Timeout is not working (eg. after leaving machine for 30 min, the license was not returned)

A2(i). Probable reason. Machine was not really “idle”. Any of the following activity in the active application prevents the client workstation from being idle:
- Any keystroke.
- Any mouse click.
- Any command, Lisp expression, menu macro or script in progress.
- Any Windows or Modal dialog box opened (a dialog box which needs to close before continuing to other tasks).

A2(ii). Probable reason: There was available license in the license pool.

- If your license is lost because of the idle time-out, the product attempts to claim a new license once you access the product again. If a license is available, the client pulls a new license and continues the session. So, it will appear as Timeout was not working since the machine was re-issued with a new license.

- Normally, if no license is available, you will be prompted to save your work before the product shuts down.


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Hi Aaron,
Autosave is also preventing the TIMEOUT to function.
A workaround would be to set Autosave to a value bigger then TIMEOUT:

TIMEOUT 900 (s), Autosave 30 (min.). In this way other users can claim the inactive licenses at least for 15' every 30' (or so).
If you set Autosave below 15' TIMEOUT won't work at all.

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