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General Licensing: What license file or license server is a client computer looking at?

I have many of license servers and I have many client computers on the network.  I have installed many products on the client computer and I may have configured each installation with a different server.   What license file or license server is a client computer looking at?

On the client computer, just open a command prompt and type:  

cd "C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager"

lmutil.exe lmpath -status

If you hate to type, you can drag and drop the command into a command prompt.  I have included a quick workflow video on the server and client computers.

Video: Using lmutil lmpath -status on the server

Video: Using lmutil lmpath -status on the clients

NOTE:  I just copied the lmutil.exe from the server to the client computer!

The settings for the search paths are in the registry, you will need to search the computer for the following string:



You can also check out these Technical Solutions for reference:


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I have problem to license MGE on Windows 7. I post to autodesk discussion ( , but not working. I just check the port works fine. I will check this and Increase the information about licensing error( Beside, is there anything I can work on.

Thank you so much,

David Lau

Do you have a Silver Subscription? I would log a case if possible.


I am member of ADN, is it help?

David Lau

Yes. Please log a case and it will be transfered to support.

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