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Inventor 2012: Error 1402 when creating a deployment

I have recently had a couple of cases with Inventor 2012 either as a point product or in a Suite causing a 1402 error when creating a deployment.


When the computer is creating a deployment, it should not affect the registry.  Also, when you try to find the registry key,  it really doesn't exist.

We also tried the following Technical Solutions but it did not solve the problem:

The only workaround has been to create a deployment on another computer.  In one of my cases, the customer used Windows XP x64 to create a 32 and 64 bit deployment on the network.


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Per S


I´ve also run in to this issue and in my case it seems like the cause was that Inventor 2011 was installed on the computor that I made the deployment from. I just deleted (after exporting it) the whole Inventor registrypost under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software and after that the deployment went smooth:)

David Lau

Thanks for this tip. I truly appreciate it.

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