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Are you having problems loading the SketchBook Designer 2012 in AutoCAD 2012?  


You will need to uninstall SketchBook Designer 2012 and confirm that the following folder does not exist:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Applicationplugins\Sketchbook designer.bundle

Then reinstall SketchBook Designer 2012 and launch AutoCAD.   If the SketchBook Designer tab still doesn't show up, try the following 2 options:

A.  Try to reset and reload the Sketchbook Designer CUI

1. Start AutoCAD.
2. Run cui command.
3. Expand the “Partial Customization Files” tree node.
4. Select “ALIAS_CONCEPT”.
5. Right click to pop up the contextual menu.
6. Click “Unload…."
7. Exit AutoCAD.
8. Restart AutoCAD.


B.  Use the 'WSCURRENT' command to toggle between the different workspaces in AutoCAD.

Thanks to Roberto Tomarchio for this tip.


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