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Autodesk 2012 products: Multiple Language deployment image within a single shared folder, save some space on your server

When you can save some space why don't we? Even though storage has gotten cheaper over the years, there is still cost associated to it. If you are a network administrator who has to deploy Autodesk 2012 Products to Multiple users in different languages, you would be creating one deployment image for each language.

How can we save the space on the server?

There are many methods to achieve this, which could involve editing the setup.ini files, creating shortcuts and copying the Language pack files manually.

The one which should make your life simpler would be to always create new language using the original media but provide the same Target path for the deployment AdminImage with different Name. The shortcut will be side-by-side with the original shortcut and the AdminImage will be updated with the necessary localized files from the second language pack.

This is a workaround and is not an officially documented workflow.

Thanks to Alison Gangler for this tip.



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