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Autodesk Suites: Building Design Suite Premium/Ultimate 2012 doesn't license AutoCAD 2012

AutoCAD 2012 when installed with product key 001D1 is unable to get a license from Building Design Suite Premium & Building Design Suite 2012 network license.

Basically, the license cascading sequence for AutoCAD 2012 to Autodesk Building Design Suite 2012 Premium or Autodesk Building Design Suite 2012 Ultimate is not working.

AutoCAD 2012 installed with  Building Design Suite Premium product key 765D1 can get up license from an AutoCAD based network license.

If a user has combined the AutoCAD 2012 and Building Design Suite Premium & Building Design Suite Ultimate 2012 network licenses, to cumulatively use the  AutoCAD 2012 licenses,  you will need to:

  1. Install Autocad 2012 from Building Design Suite Premium & Building Design Suite Ultimate installer and use the the correct product keys 765D1 or 766D1.
  2. Place AutoCAD base license encryption ahead of Building Design Suite Premium & Building Design Suite Ultimate encryptions in the combined network license.

Thanks to Avto Chachava and Alison Gangler for this tip.




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Does this mean that we will have to uninstall all their AutoCAD installations so that it cascades properly between AutoCAD licenses and Building Design Suite licenses?!

Also, can I now create a deployment for AutoCAD from the Building Design Suite packages? :(

David Lau

You will need to uninstall AutoCAD 2012 and install the AutoCAD 2012 from the Building Design Suite 2012.

We have confirmed this problem and workaround.


do all the suites that come with autocad work this way also?

David Lau

The majority of the cases coming into Product Support have been with Building Design Suite.

It suspect that it only affects Building Design Suite only. We are using this TS as reference:


what about other cascading issues with the with revit suites and the building suites?

David Lau

If you check out TS16981643 and Revit Architecture 2012. It should cascade properly.

There is a known issue with AutoCAD 2011 with Building Design Suite 2012 and Revit Architecture Suite 2012 on the same license server. As a reseller, you should have documentation/solution for this issue.


we would love to have documentation for this
we never got the documentation from yall
how do we get it?


if my reseller doesn't have this documentation
how do i get this documentation?

David Lau

The reseller should go here:

Log a case and we can provide details.

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