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Batch render licenses when you have both normal Maya and Maya Suite licenses

When you have both 'normal' Maya and Maya Suite licenses in the same license file, you need to make sure that all these licenses were generated on the same day; otherwise you will not get the number of batch licenses you're entitled to.

To verify the date when the license has been generated, check the value of the ISSUED tag inside the INCREMENT section on the license file. ISSUED=06-Jul-2011

You can double check if the number of batch render licenses is correct by addition the number of seats you have in the license file for Maya and Maya Suite licenses (the last number on the line starting by INCREMENT) and multiplying that by 5.

That should match the total of seats for the 85694MAYAMMR1_F increment lines and the number of seats shown for that feature when you perform a status enquiry in LMTOOLS->Server Status.

Thanks to Nicolas Holst and Hashim Mundol for this tip. 


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