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Understanding Previous Version Support for Autodesk Suite Products

Consequences in using drawings or components from drawings created with a Student version of Autodesk products.

As you know, Autodesk sells educational versions of software on the condition that the software will be used for educational purposes only.

When you try to open, insert as xref or block, or inserting a component from a drawing created with a student version of our software, in a commercial version, you will have two dialog boxes warning you:

The first dialog box:

And if you click on Continue the current operation, a second dialog displays:

On other side, if the student version drawing is used as external reference for different projects, each time you open the main drawing in each project, you will have the same dialogs appearing and same behavior on plotting, since this information is transmitted from the student version drawing to the main drawing.

Please note that using drawings created with student version for commercial purposes is against the Autodesk Software License Agreement, but also, the printed output will display a banner like explained in the first dialog box, each time you plot the drawing.

Based on this information, when you receive the first warning dialog box, you should click on the Cancel the current operation to avoid the disagreements this can cause.


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