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General Systems: The HKLM\SOFTWARE\Autodesk registry key

Error installing the language pack

We face situations where the installation fails when installing the language pack with an error 1624.

The error 1624 is a general windows error referring to an error applying transforms.  

Normally this occurs after uninstall the product, and the uninstallation failed to remove temporary installation components.

These failures, create an entry inside the <Product>Installation(<Lang-Country).log file against an .mst file in the C:\WINDOWS\Installer directory.

Search for a line like this (bellow) just before the line containing the mst file pat.

Property(S): SourcedirProduct = {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} where each "x" correspond to a specific code.

Open the registry editor, search for this key, back up and delete each entry containing this key.

Close the registry editor.

Run the installation. The Language Pack should now install correctly.

Thanks to Hashim Mundol for this tip.


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