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Maya 2012: Deployment with Hotfix 4

Currently, you cannot include a Hotfix 4 when installing or creating a deployment for Maya 2012.  If Maya 2012 is already installed, you can script the installation of the hotfix by using this command:

msiexec /p  c:\path_to_hotfix\autodesk_maya2012_hotfix4_win_**bit.msp  /quiet /l log_file.log

This will take about 15 minutes to complete depending on the performance of your computer.


To add the Maya 2012 Hotfix 4 into a deployment:

1. Download Maya 2012 Hotfix 4 and put the *.msp file into the x86\maya or x64\maya folder:

x86 location


x64 location


2.  Rename the original setup.ini and place the attached setup.ini in its place.


3.  Rename Maya-2012-32-bit-setup.ini or the Maya-2012-32-bit-setup.ini to Setup.ini

4.  Create the deployment image.

5.  Select your target platform. i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit.

6.  Uncheck “include only product required for this deployment”.

7.  Select your Products.  We have tested and confirmed that this works with Maya and Backburner selected.

8.  Proceed with the deployment creation.

9.  Install Maya 2012 & Hotfix 4 from the deployment image.

Thanks to Avto Chachava for this tip.


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Success! Worked flawlessly on 64-bit Maya (I didn't try 32-bit). Thank you.

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4. Create the deployment image.

5. Select your target platform. i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit.

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3. Rename Maya-2012-32-bit-setup.ini or the Maya-2012-32-bit-setup.ini to Setup.ini

4. Create the deployment image.


the Readme says "On Mac and Linux platforms, this hotfix is a full product installation. Uninstall your existing Maya application before installing this hotfix." should i remove my "existing Maya application" even if it's version 2011?

David Lau

You will not need to uninstall Maya 2011. It basically means that if you are going to install Maya 2012, you should actually install Maya 2012 Hotfix 4 on Mac and Linux.

On Windows, you would need to install Maya 2012 first and then the hotfix 4 afterwards.

Mac doesn't have a deployment option and Linux is command line so it can be scripted.


that's what i figured but was just making sure. thanks David!

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