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AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 & Civil 2012: Licensing with ESRI ArcGIS

We had an interesting scenario with Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 using a network license of ESRI ArcGIS and a network license of Autodesk product on the same computer.  

The system had ESRI ArcGIS license tools (x86/32 bit) installed and the Autodesk Network License tools (x64)  installed.  

NOTE:  The ESRI ArcGIS license tools only come in x86/32 bit versions only.


ESRI ArcGIS was working as expected.  The Autodesk license server was started but the client computer could not connect to the license server.   We checked the firewall settings  and even installed the IPv6 updates.

When launching Map 3D 2012, it would try to connect to the system but it would lock up the computer.  Using the FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS, it had the following error:


The solution was to uninstall the Autodesk x64 of the license tools and then install the Autodesk x86 (32 bit) version of the license tools.  

NOTE:  The ESRI ArcGIS license tools only come in x86/32 bit versions only.

"When I restarted the LMTOOLS, the Autodesk service on the server and started up and AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 on the client machine launched. AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 pulled the license and had no issues starting up. When I tried to start the ESRI ArcGIS License Server Administrator, it returned an error stating that the software was corrupted. I re-installed the ESRI ArcGIS License Server Administrator to fix the issue. Once it was completed, I noticed the install also properly configured itself in LMTOOLS, which corrected the conflict issues."


Thanks to Andy Hess for helping with this tip.


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