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General Licensing: Do I need IPv6 Network License Manager for Windows?

I have installed the IPv4 license tools and I am wondering if I need to download and install the IPv6 license tools?

1.  If the license server is up but the clients can't connect to the license server and you have followed the steps here.

2.  When you run an the command ipconfig -all on your client computers or the license server and there are references to IPv6 in it.   Typically, this would be on a Windows 7/8 computer.


The typical upgrade process is to install the  IPv4 license tools first then run the IPv6 update.  The workflow is below:

        1.  Download and Install the IPv4 license tools

  • Double-click the nlm_ipv4Support_Win##.exe file on your desktop. This will extract the NLM.msi file to C:\install\Autodesk\NLMIPv4Support_Win## and start the installer wizard.
  • If the installer wizard does not start automatically, locate the new NLM.msi file and double-click it to start the installer wizard.
  • Follow instructions on the screen.After installation is complete, click Close.

2.   I like to create an IPv4 folder in C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager and then move all the .exe files into that folder.  This is to backup the older files.

NLM Folder

        3.    Download and Extract the IPv6 license tools.

  • Double-click the NLM_IPv6Support_Win##.exe file on your desktop.The IPv6 Support files, lmtools.exe, lmutil.exe, lmgrd.exe, and adskflex.exe, are extracted to C:\install\Autodesk\NLMIPv6Support_Win##.
  • Copy the new IPv6 Support files from C:\install\Autodesk\NLMIPv6Support_Win## to the location where your existing Autodesk Network License Manager is installed.  i.e. C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager 


4.  I have rarely need to run the IPv6 update for Mac or Linux.  If necessary, the tools are available here.

The easiest way to disable IPv6 is noted here:


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Why first install the ipv4 version? Why not only: download ipv6 version of the software, extract, run lmtools and setup the service?

David Lau

That is a good question. You can still use the IPv6 .exe files as they are but they will not show up in the Add/Remove Programs. You will need to manually delete them in the next release if there is an update.

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