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Inventor 2012: Hacking the registry to change the license from Standalone to Network

AutoCAD has been offering license switching for a while now but prior to the Inventor 2012 release, this was not possible on Inventor.

I have heard of usage scenarios where users received a temporary stand-alone license while waiting for the official network license information to arrive.

In a case like the one above, once the network license arrived, users had no other choice but to reinstall Inventor just for changing the license type.

Since Inventor 2012, you can avoid the reinstallation and change to a different license scheme after you have installed or deployed the product.

Please check out this post for details:

Thanks to the Being Inventive team.

Vault 2012: Don't Forget... To Run a Maintenance Plan

Every now and then, Support is contacted to help a customer who is in trouble. Maybe their Vault is running slowly or they get an error they dont understand.

There have been a couple of cases reported recently that have been resolved merely by running an SQL Maintenance plan. To even the old hands, this simple practice can sometimes be forgotten. So I thought it worthwhile to broadcast a friendly precautionary reminder to all readers of this blog to ensure that they are running SQL Maintenance plans for any Vault systems that they are responsible for.

Please check out this post for more details:

 Thanks to the Cracking the Vault team.

Maya 2012: BackBurner 2012.1.0 update

With the releases of Maya 2012 SP1 & SAP there is a newer version of BackBurner 2012 that addresses a few areas of concerns for Maya users.  These are:

1. Submitting Backburner jobs would sometimes hang Maya.
2. Backburner 2012 discards all network adapters on some laptops if wireless is present.
3. Launching Backburner service on Mac with start command would fail.
4. Backburner on Mac OS X always rebooting after each render job is completed.

Please check out this post:

Thanks to the Mayastation team.

Systems: 32 & 64 bit Web Browsers and Adobe Flash

We had an interesting scenario come in and the user was not able to get the Getting Started Videos in AutoCAD to work.   Some important notes about 32 & 64 bit web browsers and Adobe Flash:

Adobe Flash

1. Flash Plug-in 32 bit is 10.x.
2. Flash Plug-in 64 bit is 9.x

Web Browsers

1. Internet Explorer 8 have a 32 bit and 64 bit version installed by default.
2. Internet Explorer 9 may be 32 bit or 64 bit but you can't really tell unless you open the Task Manager.


3. Google Chrome is 32 bit
4. Mozilla Firefox is 32 bit.

The Autodesk help files require the lastest version of Flash to work so if you are running Internet Explorer 9 and you don't see the videos, you are probably running the 64 bit version of it.

To easily resolve your issue, you will need to downgrade your Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 8.

Then run Internet Explorer 8 (32 bit) and upgrade your Flash to 10.x.

Thanks to Chukwuma Chidozie for sharing this tip.

Revit 2012: Error 1406: Could not write value Class to Key

 If you are getting this error:


    Could not write value Class to key\Software\Classes\CLSID

Please open the Regedit and go to:


Then review this post to change the permissions:

NOTE:  Skip Step #1 because you are using CLISID key and you must execute Step #6 in order for the permissions settings to work properly.

Thanks to Martina Foss for confirming this solution and Avto Chachava for pointing me to the location of CLSID.

Autodesk Suites: Building Design Suite Ultimate 2012 is missing Showcase 2011 license

We are been alerted of an issue that Building Design Suite Ultimate on Subscription is missing Showcase 2011.    Just use the license parser to confirm if you have that Feature/Component.

Autodesk Showcase 2011             85607SHOWCASE_2011_0F          

Building Design Suite Standard and Building Design Suite Premium have this Feature/Component.  We are working with our IT team to resolve this issue ASAP.


As of October 3rd, this issue is resolved.

Thanks to Jeff Lotan and Roberto Tomarchio for confirming this issue.