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AutoCAD 2012 for Mac: Don't use a # sign as a folder name!

If you are using AutoCAD 2012 for the Mac OS 10.6.8 or 10.7.x, please do not use a # sign in the name of the folder.  If you save a file in such a folder, it willl delete files in that folder and potentially files cached in the history.

Please check out this video for reference:


I would refrain from using any symbols in the folder path. i.e. @#$%&*  

To reproduce this problem, you need to also access multiple folders, open and save files in those folders and if and if one of those folders has a # sign it it, the other extra files in that folder will get deleted.


I retested the scenario with the following 2 folder names on the desktop:

#2011 A3

When I tried to save a file in #2011, it deleted every file on the desktop!  I had to re-create the the folder #2011 A3 to reproduce the test and it deleted all the contents in #2011 and #2011 A3.   Both these folders had muiltiple .dwg files. 

NOTE:  If you and open the .dwg file, all files will get deleted regardless of type!


We have alerted the AutoCAD Development team of the issue.

Thanks to Trang Vinh for discovering this issue.


This is now fixed in AutoCAD for Mac 2012 SP 1 and in AutoCAD LT for Mac SP1.    The details are here:


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