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General Licensing: The importance of the "Issue Date"

Recently, we have been getting a couple of cases in which the license counts are not correct.


AutoCAD 2012 x 5 - Bought on April 1st, 2011 using Serial Number 399-12345678

AutoCAD 2012 x 2 - Bought on October 26th, 2011 using Serial Number 399-98765432


Only 2 x AutoCAD licenses will be available.

Using these 2 sample serial numbers,  399-12345678 & 399-98765432,  you will need to issue/generate both licenses on the same date.  Refer to this post to acquire your licenses online:

NOTE:  399-12345678 & 399-98765432 are sample serial numbers and are NOT valid.  

You can quickly check your issue dates by using the license parser:


AutoCAD 2012 x 5 - Regenerated on October 26th using Serial Number 399-12345678

AutoCAD 2012 x 2 - Bought on October 26th, 2011 using Serial Number 399-98765432


You will be able to use 7 x AutoCAD 2012 licenses at your site.

I would consider issuing/generating the licenses on the same date as a Best Practice.   This also applies to all the Suites as well.

Additional reference posts are below:

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Please use the license parser to check the issue date.



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