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General Systems: The basics of using Process Monitor

In some instances in Product Support, we need to get a Process Monitor file to try to troubleshoot an issue.    Here are the basics of using Process Monitor:

1. Download Process Monitor here:

2.  Run Process Monitor (Procmon).

3.  Stop Capture.  File > Capture Events and check off

4.  Clear the display.  Edit > Clear Display.

5.  Start Capture.   File > Capture Events and check on.

6.  Run the Autodesk Product and wait for the error.

7.  Stop Capture.   File > Capture Events  and check off.

8.  Save the file.  Choose All Events.

9.  Compress the file.  Send to Compress Folder.

I have included a video of the instructions.  If you have a Product Support case from us, we will need to enable FTP so that you can upload the file to us.

Video:   The basics of using  Process Monitor


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