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Mudbox 2012 & 2011: Wacom sensitivity on Fedora 12 & Redhat 6

Mudbox 2012 users are not able to use pressure sensitivity when using Wacom tablets on Fedora 12 & Redhat 6.

The  workaround is to disable the the Wacom Auto Detect Feature.   This is a very tricky setup but some of the information can be found here:

Thanks to Nelson Cruz for this tip.

License Transfer Utility, AutoCAD 2012 and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

License Transfer Utility may fail to launch although you followed the documented procedure…



...not because you cannot find the directory or the LTU utility mentioned in the Help that is not giving the exact names…



…but because the utility does not launch at all or displays the following message:

Permission denied


In this case try running it from a terminal window, using sudo, as follows:



And you should be able to transfer your license file.


There is a known issue with the LTU on Mac 10.7 (Lion) and this command will not work.  Development has been alerted of the issue.

Civil 3D 2011: Unhandled Access Violation Error Reading 0x0000 Exception at 8c4513h

Another mysterious Fatal Error/Unhandled problem solved!

When starting Civil 3D 2011, you get this error:


Unhandled Access Violation Error Reading 0x0000 Exception at 8c4513h.

In the Command Prompt, Civil 3D 2011 provides the following clue:


The symptom is one user account Civil 3D will startup properly but in another user account on the same computer, Civil 3D will not startup properly.

The solution is to copy the ContextualTabSelectorRules.dll from the working profile to the problematic profile.


Thanks to Elias B. Trad and Avto Chachava for this tip.

General Systems: Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter aka Microsoft Clean Up Utility 2

In reference to this old post:

Microsoft has introduced a new tool to replace the Microsoft Clean Up Utility:


Thanks to Alison Gangler and Joshua Coombs for sharing this tip!

General Licensing: Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2012 Package License, AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 and Inventor 2011 takes 2 licenses

If you have Autodesk Product Design suite Premium 2012 Package license and if you still use 2011 version of AutoCAD Mechanical and Inventor, you might find that it is using 2 seats (if you have more than 1 license) or for you get license error for the second product.

One work around to the issue is to make sure the Inventor 2011 is started prior to starting AutoCAD Mechanical 2011.

If you don't want to pass on the responsibility to the user then you can create an options file with the following line to exclude AutoCAD Mechanical 2011 to all the users, forcing the users to checkout Inventor 2011 feature code.


Civil 2012: New Machine? Unable to Launch an Earlier Version after Activating Civil 3D 2012

Although this may not be a common occurance, you may find yourself with a shiney new machine and you eagerly install your current version plus 3 priors. As tempting as it may be to activate the latest and greatest 2012 version first, please hold off. Activating the newest version before activating the earlier versions could leave you with just a split second of the Civil 3D splash screen when attempting to launch the product.


General Licensing: The importance of the "Issue Date"

Recently, we have been getting a couple of cases in which the license counts are not correct.


AutoCAD 2012 x 5 - Bought on April 1st, 2011 using Serial Number 399-12345678

AutoCAD 2012 x 2 - Bought on October 26th, 2011 using Serial Number 399-98765432


Only 2 x AutoCAD licenses will be available.

Using these 2 sample serial numbers,  399-12345678 & 399-98765432,  you will need to issue/generate both licenses on the same date.  Refer to this post to acquire your licenses online:

NOTE:  399-12345678 & 399-98765432 are sample serial numbers and are NOT valid.  

You can quickly check your issue dates by using the license parser:


AutoCAD 2012 x 5 - Regenerated on October 26th using Serial Number 399-12345678

AutoCAD 2012 x 2 - Bought on October 26th, 2011 using Serial Number 399-98765432


You will be able to use 7 x AutoCAD 2012 licenses at your site.

I would consider issuing/generating the licenses on the same date as a Best Practice.   This also applies to all the Suites as well.

Additional reference posts are below:

Maya Rendering and Issue dates

Combining Licenses


Please use the license parser to check the issue date.