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General Licensing: Network Licensing Manager on the Mac

If you are setting up a license server on the Mac for Maya or AutoCAD, it's probably best to install the Network License Manager from here:

This is a slightly older version of the tools (11.7) but it includes a startup script.   Basically, it will restart the licensing service when the Mac is rebooted.


The Network License Manager located here has the lastest version of the lmgrd, adskflex, lmutil, lmgrd (11.9) but it does not include this startup script.


To ensure that you have everything you need, I would install 11.7 Network License Manager first and at some point, install the 11.9 Network License Manager.  You can use Pacifist to help you install the components if necessary.

You will need to also confirm that the following folder exists:


Reference posts:

To start the license server on the Mac is noted in the forum post below:

Thanks to Dwayne Poot for reminding me of this very important tip.


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