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AutoCAD 2012 for Mac: Where is my "Library" folder in 10.7 (Lion)

AutoCAD 2012 would startup in 1 account but it would not startup in another account.  

How do reset my AutoCAD 2012 for Mac on 10.7 (Lion) in the Finder.   Where are the preferences files so that I can manually reset it?

You need to find the /User/USERNAME/Library folder to access the preferences for AutoCAD.  Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) hides the your personal Library Folder.    Please refer to this link for details on how to show the Library Folder:

More info is of the Library folder is here:

Once you can view the folder in the Finder, just manually delete the following files:

/Users/YOUR-USER-ACCOUNT-NAME/Library/Saved Application State/com.autodesk.AutoCAD.*savedState

Thanks to Dwayne Poot for sharing this tip.


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