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Quick Start: Setting up a license server on Windows

1. Download and install the NLM IPv4 (Network Licensing Manager) for Windows:

Open the lmtools.exe and make a note of the hostname and ethernet address of the license server.


NOTE:  You must use the latest version of the tools for each release of the software.  Autodesk 2016 products use 11.12.x NLM.

If you have an older version on NLM, follow the steps below to uninstall the older version and reinstall the newer version.

Autodesk Knowledge Network Article

2.  To get your license and you will need to have your Serial Number,  Hostname and Ethernet Address ready:

a.  To get your serial numbers, you will need to go to the Autodesk Manage site and review the following article:

b. Login to Register Once to get your license.

c.  Validate your account information.

d.  Enter your serial number.


e.  Enter  your license server information.



NOTE:  If you have more than 1 serial number to request a license, just click on Save License File and Register and activate more products button at the bottom of the page to repeat the licensing process wizard again.


Just combine all the licenses generated using Notepad.

If there is a problem with registering the product, you can also call this phone number to manually get your licenses:

1-866-681-4359 - Option 1 (English) - Option 1


Autodesk Knowledge Network Article

3.  You will need to configure and start the license server the EASY way!

a.  Watch this video:   Setup-lmtools as a review.

b.  You will need to enable file extensions in Windows because you will need to create the .lic & .log file.

c.  Setup the lmtools.exe as noted below:

Service/License Tab > Configuration using Services

Config Services Tab >   Autodesk (delete "Flexlm Service 1")  > I like using Autodesk because it is not version specific and this service can be used for all Autodesk products. 


The settings for the 3 line items in the Config Services Tab is: (The example is for Building Design Suite Ultimate 2014.)

C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\lmgrd.exe

C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\BDSU-2014.lic

C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\BDSU-2014.log

You need to check ON both Start Server at Power Up and Use Services as well.  

To start the license server, you will need to goto the Start/Stop/Reread Tab and hit the following buttons in order, Stop Server, Start Server, Re-Read License button.

NOTE:  I would not create a License or Log folder because I hate navigating the folders to the lmgrd.exe, the license and log files.  Also by naming the files exactly the same, you know that the are together like brother and sister.

Also, do NOT use the Server Diagnostics tab or you will get a "false" error:

Autodesk Knowledge Network Article

4.  Please check the firewall port numbers quickly and easily on Server and Client computers by putting this in Internet Explorer:


We get a lot of customers mentioning that they can ping the license server but that is not the most accurate method of checking the license server status!



Autodesk Knowledgebase Article


5.  If you are setting up a Firewall exception for Autodesk Network Licensing, you will need to know the following:

  • Port 2080 is used for the adskflex.exe
  • Port 27000-27009 is used for the lmgrd.exe

The default license file will start with the following 3 lines:

SERVER Your-SERVER-name 0025b3282c6b
VENDOR adskflex port=2080

Firewall Exception rules are as noted below:

  • Incoming > Add Port > Name: Autodesk 2080 > Port Number:  2080 > Protocol TCP
  • Incoming > Add Port > Name: Autodesk 27000-27009 > Port Number:  27000 -27009 > Protocol TCP
NOTE:  For Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, you can actually put in a range of ports. i.e. 27000-27009.  If you are using an older server, you will need to have separate entries for each port from 27000-27009.
Windows 7/ Server 2008/Server 2012 Workflow:
  • Click Add Icon and select Control Panel.
  • Click System and Security.
  • Click Windows Firewall.
  • Click Advanced Settings.
  • Click Inbound Rules and select New Rule.
  • Select Port and click Next.
  • Select TCP.
  • Specific Local Ports: 2080 and click Next.
  • Choose Default settings and click Next.
  • Choose Default settings and click Next.
  • Enter a Name and Description of the rule.  i.e. Autodesk 2080
  • Click Finish.
Repeat the same steps again but use a range of ports for the next value. i.e. 27000-27009 name the rule Autodesk 27000-27009.

 This is an incoming rule because a firewall is like your  house, you can leave but you can't come in unless you have a key (or have a Firewall Incoming rule).
Autodesk Knowledgebase Article

6.  Checking the client computers license file.
On the client workstations, you can also edit the licpath.lic file (search in C:\Program Files\Autodesk) and use Notepad to change the info from the old license server to the new license server.  
The installation folder for Autodesk 2010 products and older is in C:\Program Files. For older versions of the Media & Entertainment products [Maya, Mudbox] product, the license file maybe in C:\Flexlm folder and the file will be called:  maya.lic or mudbox.lic.
Please use Notepad to view and edit the client license file.  The license file contents should be as noted:
SERVER your-servername-or-ip-address-of-server 0
It can also be:
SERVER your-servername-or-ip-address-of-server 000000000000

In some cases, you can also add an the following as an environment variable as well. I typically don't do this if you have correctly edited the licpath.lic file.  This would be an optional tip/step.

Value: @your-servername-or-ip-address-of-server


Autodesk Knowledgebase Article

If you launch the product and you get the FlexNET License finder and a -15 Error when launching the product:

FlexNet License Finder


Please follow the instructions noted in this Autodesk Knowledgebase Article on the client workstations:

7.  This is the optional workflow to replace your NLM from IPv4 to IPv6:


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