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General Licensing: What is "linger"?

When you borrow a license from the license server, and you Perform a Status Inquiry, the log file will have the following information:

"85536ACD_2011_0F" v1.000, vendor: adskflex  floating license

Administrator LAUD-W7ENU64 LAUD-W7ENU64 (v1.0) (TOR2UA13809X0/27000 202), start Tue 1/10 13:30 (linger: 221280)


The linger value is in seconds.  So this means that the license will be borrowed for 2.56 days via the Google calculator.

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There is a bug in FlexNet. Try to stop and start the service and notice how that affects the linger value.

David Lau

That is interesting bug and you are right. I am using 11.9 server tools and I was able to stop and start the server today and the value is still the same. This will definitely confuse end users. This is the linger value from yesterday test after a stop/start.

Start Wed 1/11 8:04 (linger: 221280)

Thanks for sharing with the community.

Jimmy Bergmark (JTB World)

I was not clear. The linger value should not change but the problem is that the start date is changing and thus it's not possible to correctly calculate for how long the license is borrowed.

David lau

Yes. The start date can change but the linger value is still the same. Therefore, if you stop and start the server you will not know when the license will be returned.

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