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Quick Start: Setting up a license server on Mac

NOTE:  Mac OS X Server is not certified to be a license server for Autodesk products.

1.  Download and install the NLM (Network Licensing Manager) for the Mac:

NOTE:  I have rarely have had to install an IPv6 server tools on the Mac.

2.  To get your serial numbers, you will need to go to the Autodesk Manage site and review the following article:

3. To get your host name and ethernet address on a Mac:

  • You will need to open a Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and type: 

     hostname <enter>

  • You will need to open a Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and type: 

    /usr/local/flexnetserver/lmutil lmhostid <enter>

NOTE:  Typically, you should use the ethernet (primary) address of your Mac has Dual Ethernet (Mac Pro).  If your Mac doesn't have an Ethernet card, you may need to use the Wi-Fi Card (MacBook Pro 2015).  If you have an older MacBook Pro that has an Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection, you can use any type of connection.

Mac Pro (Dual Ethernet) using Ethernet 1


MacBook Pro


4. With your Serial Number, Hostname and Ethernet Address ready, follow the instructions below to get your license:

a. Login to Register Once to get your license.

c.  Validate your account information.

d.  Enter your serial number.


d.  Enter  your license server information.


You can also call this phone number to manually get your licenses.  Please have your serial numbers for your Autodesk product, hostname and ethernet address of the license server ready:

1-866-681-4359 - Option 1 (English) - Option 1


5.  Rename the license file to adsk_server.lic and save it on the Desktop. 

NOTE:  You may need to make sure that you can see file extension on Mac OS X as adsk_server.lic.txt is not a valid file extension.  You can use Textedit to view a .lic file.  You can save the license on the desktop and rename it as noted.    If they make a mistake with the SERVERNAME, you can edit it afterwards.  In some cases, you may need to use an IP address  of your Mac OS X license server in place of the servername.

Go to Finder > Preferences > Advanced and check on Show all filename extensions


6.  Move this file into /var/flexlm directory.    In the Finder > Go > Go to Folder...  and type:


If the flexlm folder does not exist, you will need to create it using this command in a Terminal:

sudo mkdir /var/flexlm <enter>

Type in your Administrator password.

Drag the adsk_server.lic file from the Desktop into this hidden folder (/var/flexlm).

7.  To start the license server,  you will need to go into a Terminal again and type the following commands:

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/flexlm


sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/local/flexnetserver


cd /usr/local/flexnetserver


=You are going to that directory.



=You are listing directory contents.


sudo ./lmgrd  -c /var/flexlm/adsk_server.lic


=You are starting the license server.  At this time, you will be prompted to enter your Administrator password.  NOTE:   You will not be able to see your password being type.  i.e. there is no feedback for data entry.


sudo ./lmutil lmstat -a -c /var/flexlm/adsk_server.lic


NOTE:  If there is a failure or error message that the server has not started, you must use the Activity Monitor, find the lmgrd process and use Quit Process.  Only then can you restart the license server properly.  If the server has started correctly, there will be an adskflex and lmgrd process in your Activity Monitor.

8.  It is best to not make the Mac (Hard Drive) go to Sleep.  This is a process that can't be restarted when 'sleeping'.  You can make the monitor go to sleep.  This is done via System Preferences > Energy Saver.

9.  If you have installed Maya on the same computer as the license server, there may also be a /var/flexlm/maya.lic file.   To easily edit the file in the /var/flexlm folder, you will need to run this command:

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/flexlm


=Full permissions on this folder.  You can then edit the license file using Textedit and saving in the same folder without any permissions issues.

The maya.lic file should contain:

SERVER your-server-name-or-ip-address 0

NOTE:  There should be a the number 0 after your-server-name-or-ip-address.


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