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Error 1305. “Error Reading from file” error message

We managed to resolve a tricky installation issue after trying several alternative solutions like:

•  Creation of new local admin user.
•  Run installation in diagnostic mode.
•  Modifying the registry according to the following blog post: 


The installation was stopping at the beginning, while showing “Installing DirectX” on the title bar. In all cases, the failing installation was writing a very short log (<product>_install.log) with no useful information.
Trying to run the .msi instead of the setup.exe, lead to a different result, triggering the error 1305 “Error reading from file”. This error has a relatively high number of possible causes and solutions, mainly related to communication with the source drive, listed below.

Before going through all of those options you may hopefully save time and just have a look at the permissions (security TAB) associated with the folder(s) containing the installation sources. Make sure that the SYSTEM account is there.
In this case, apparently the default permissions for SYSTEM were removed from it.
After adding SYSTEM with full control to the folder, in this case, the installation continued normally.


Possible causes and solutions for the error 1305 are:

•  Examine the CD-ROM or DVD Disc
•  Clean the Program CD-ROM or DVD
•  Test the CD-ROM or DVD in another Drive
•  Clean the Drive
•  Quit Unnecessary Software
•  Look for Known Issues with the Drive or Recording Software
•  Check for Drive Firmware Updates
•  Make Sure That You Are Using Protected Mode CD-ROM Drivers
•  Enable and Disable UDF Support
•  Reduce Drive Caching
•  Disable Auto-Insert Notification
•  Remove Duplicate Drives
•  Restart Windows in Safe Mode
•  Check for Alternate Installation Locations
•  The file was saved to an invalid or corrupt drive.


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