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Error 1305. “Error Reading from file” error message

We managed to resolve a tricky installation issue after trying several alternative solutions like:

•  Creation of new local admin user.
•  Run installation in diagnostic mode.
•  Modifying the registry according to the following blog post:

The installation was stopping at the beginning, while showing “Installing DirectX” on the title bar. In all cases, the failing installation was writing a very short log (<product>_install.log) with no useful information.
Trying to run the .msi instead of the setup.exe, lead to a different result, triggering the error 1305 “Error reading from file”. This error has a relatively high number of possible causes and solutions, mainly related to communication with the source drive, listed below.

Before going through all of those options you may hopefully save time and just have a look at the permissions (security TAB) associated with the folder(s) containing the installation sources. Make sure that the SYSTEM account is there.
In this case, apparently the default permissions for SYSTEM were removed from it.
After adding SYSTEM with full control to the folder, in this case, the installation continued normally.


Possible causes and solutions for the error 1305 are:

•  Examine the CD-ROM or DVD Disc
•  Clean the Program CD-ROM or DVD
•  Test the CD-ROM or DVD in another Drive
•  Clean the Drive
•  Quit Unnecessary Software
•  Look for Known Issues with the Drive or Recording Software
•  Check for Drive Firmware Updates
•  Make Sure That You Are Using Protected Mode CD-ROM Drivers
•  Enable and Disable UDF Support
•  Reduce Drive Caching
•  Disable Auto-Insert Notification
•  Remove Duplicate Drives
•  Restart Windows in Safe Mode
•  Check for Alternate Installation Locations
•  The file was saved to an invalid or corrupt drive.

Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013: -5 Error and the missing Design Study Environment

If you try to start Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013 and you get a -5 error, it means that you don't have that Feature on the license server.  This is noted in the following solution:

With the recent update of Simulation CFD 2013, you typically need to have the following Serial Numbers and Feature codes to run the software:

  • Autodesk Simulation CFD Design Study Environment 2013 
  • Autodesk Simulation CFD Motion 2013

As of today, the Autodesk Simulation CFD Design Study Environment is missing in your Contract Administration if you login to Subscription site.

Please note that Autodesk is aware of the issue and you should be able to get the the Autodesk Simulation CFD Design Study Environment 2013 added into your Contract by early next week.

Thanks to Royce Abel for sharing this information to the community.


If you have purchased Autodesk Simulation CFD with your reseller, please confirm with the reseller that both features should be included in the purchase order. 

AutoCAD 2013: Support for SMB 2.0

Autodesk has recently resolved an issue with SMB 2 with AutoCAD 2012 & AutoCAD LT 2012 and it is noted in this post:

This was a last minute hotfix [2012-Mar-13] for the 2012 product line and it wasn't implemented yet in the final AutoCAD 2013 release.  AutoCAD 2013 & AutoCAD LT 2013 will have the SMB 2.0 issue resolved in a future update.  

Please comment in this post if you would like to know when the update will be ready. We will track the requestors internally via this blog.

Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013: Avast Internet Security and files in the "Virus Chest"

Just a quick update, if you are using Avast Internet Security, it may move some files from the extracted Autodesk folder [C:\Autodesk] into into the "Virus Chest" and quarantine it.  


In order to get your Autodesk product installed, you will need to restore all the quarantined files.


This may apply to other 3rd party anti-virus programs and other Autodesk products as well.  Thanks to Royce Abel for sharing this valuable tip to the community.

Mechanical Desktop 2009: Installing and licensing it...

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2009 has been discontinued but it can be found here:

NOTE: As of March 27 2013, the link below is currently offline.  Autodesk only supports 3 versions back so please use your original media if possible.

NOTE: As of April 5, 2013, with the help of the Inventor Management team & Subject Matter Expert, the download link is backup!

When you download the software, you must download the correct version of MDT.  The and downloads are designed to look for a type of  'Inventor" installed on your computer. The files are named the same but are actually different.  For example,  if you just download the first, you will not know if it works with Autodesk Product Design Suite/Inventor 2012 or with AutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite 2011/2010.  

Please also review the instructions [Read Me] below on which parts you need:

Mechanical Desktop

Please note the system requirements for Mechanical Desktop 2009 are here:

A notable and informative post is here:

Epilogue I

When installing the Mechanical Desktop 2009, you will still need to enter a serial number from your 2012/2011/2010 media and no Product Key is required.  You will also have the option to change the install from Standalone to Network if necessary by clicking on the Configure Button.



If your Product Design Suite is a network version, the MDT 2009 will just run.  If your Product Design Suite is a Standalone version, you will need to manually activate it. Just submit your serial number and request code here:  

Online Method: 

Phone Method:

NOTE:  When you submit your order, please make a note that you are trying to activate it based off of your Product Design Suite serial number but the product stated is Autodesk Inventor Suite 2009 as noted in the Register Today licensing wizard.   Before registering the product, please apply this hotfix or you will get a looping activation process!


I have included a video of the process below:

Video:  PDSP-2012_MDT-2009 

Epilogue II

If you require MDT 2009 and you are using a 2013 product, you will need to install Inventor 2012 on the computer.

1.  Install Inventor 2012 family of products (no need to activate it)

2.  Install MDT 2009 and activate it.

3.  Uninstall Inventor 2012 family of products when you have installed and activated MDT 2009.  MDT 2009 installer is only looking for the installation of any Inventor 2012.


Systems: Why are the sizes so different when using the Autodesk Download Manager?

Just some clarification on the sizes of your Autodesk product when using the Autodesk Download Manager versus the Browser Download.

When downloading AutoCAD 2013,  if you use the Autodesk Download Manager, it is downloading and extracting the file at the same time and placing it in the C:\Autodesk folder.  It is displaying the final extracted file size in the user interface. i.e. 3.07 GB

If you choose the Browser Download, the file is compressed.  i.e. 1.1 GB. There is an additional step in which you need to extract the file before installing AutoCAD 2013. 

There is a problem with the advertised size of the file in the Subscription Center and we are working on resolving that issue as soon as possible.


I had started both downloads at the same time and the Autodesk Download Manager appears faster that the Browser Download.  Also, you are saving a step because you don't need to extract the file!

Licensing: Autodesk Network License Manager 11.10 is ready!

The Autodesk Network License Manager tools have been updated to 11.10.  The 2012 products shipped with NLM 11.9.  These same links now point to the newer versions:

Latest Version of the Autodesk Network License Manager



Upgrading Autodesk Network License Manager (FLEXlm®)