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AutoCAD MEP 2013: Another APPCRASH issue resolved

Quick Start: Some tips when using & installing Commercial and EDU versions of our software

Here are some of my favourite posts [Quick Start] when dealing with Educational users of Autodesk software.

1.   In AutoCAD, *.dwg files that were created by an EDU version of the software will always have a Plot Stamp embedded in the file and there is no way to get rid of it. Please check out this post for further details:

EPILOGUE [June 20, 2014] Plot Stamp Removal is here:

2.  If you had installed an Educational version of the software and you at some point install the Commercial  version, you will need to perform some additional steps when installing it on the same computer:



3.  Here is another post from the Without a Net blog site to quickly test if a *.dwg  file has an Educational Plot Stamp in it:

 4.  AutoCAD 2014 SP1 and EDU warning suppression


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How would a commercial version of AutoCAD 2007 play with an educational version of Inventor 2013? Would the commercial version of AutoCAD become educational?

David Lau

I am assuming you are going to talk about Inventor 2013 Suite because it would include a flavor of AutoCAD.

To be honest, I don't know....

*But going on a hunch, the edu plot stamp will be in the file regardless of version used to open the file.

*From what I recall, the .dwg file format is not version specific. It is backwards compatible but not forward compatible. i.e. 2013 can open a 2007 file but a 2007 will not be able to open a 2013 file.

*Inventor files are version specific.

Anything with an *asterisk is a very educated guess. A final note, we only support the current version of the software and 3 versions back.

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