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AutoCAD Family: Configuration file may be locked by another process or have been set Read Only (.cfg, .bak).

If you get this error when running AutoCAD 2013 or AutoCAD 2012 on Windows 7, please check out the workaround below:


Configuration file may be locked by another process or have been set Read Only (.cfg, .bak).
File:  C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013\acad2013.cfg
Please correct this problem and press Retry or press Cancel to exit the application

Video:   Acad2013.cfg Error

If you create a deployment and select the Support Content to go in:  Program Install Folder, you will get the error message above.


Video:   Autocad-2013-deployment-error

Windows 7 will not allow the writing of files in the Program Files folder. The config file cannot be written there.  The result is an error message and AutoCAD crashing upon launch. This is not a problem for Windows XP.

Legacy AutoCAD CAD Managers have typically deployed the Support Content to the Program install folder.   With Windows 7, User Access Control [UAC] will block the proper installation and configuration of AutoCAD.  This error will still happen if you attempt to run AutoCAD in an Administrator account.

NOTE:  You need to use the default setting:  User local profile folders and the installation of AutocAD 2012/2013 via a deployment will work as expected.


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