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General Installation: dlumd32.dll & DisplayLink Core Software

Product Support has been getting a lot of cases based off of this software causing the installer to not work.  It applies to ALL Autodesk products because the install framework is the same for ALL products.

This was caused by dlumd32.dll and the problem was resolved by uninstalling DisplayLink Core Software.



To resolve this issue, please use the latest driver [6.2 M2] from Display Link.  I received some feedback and guidance  from Dan Ellis from Display Link to close the loop on this problem.


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Dan Ellis


I'm sorry you've been having trouble - is this only affecting 32bit installations? I've just tried out DWG Viewer, and it installed fine on Win7 64 bit with our SW installed.

Maybe it's fixed in our latest 6.2M2 release? It only came out a couple of weeks ago:

Please get in touch if we can help - I'm sure there's great synergy between our products!

Dan Ellis
Principal Engineer

David Lau

I have posted an "Epilogue" to this post to confirm that it's been resolved.

David Geer

uninstalling resolved the installation issue with infrastructure design suite.

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