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General Systems: Parallels on the Mac and Standalone licensing issues

When you are running a Mac with Parallels to run your Autodesk product [AutoCAD], we only support the default setup of Parallels and Windows.  The instructions for this default setup is noted here:

How to install Windows on Mac using Parallels Desktop?

Setting Parallels Desktop to run Windows from the Boot Camp partition is not supported and the instructions for this setup is noted on Page 16 here:


The reason for this is that the Autodesk product [AutoCAD], is registered to the Windows hard drive partition in Boot Camp.  When you install Parallels afterwards and try to run the Autodesk product , it is trying to read the registration information on the Mac hard drive partition and it will error out.


To resolve this issue, please follow the following instructions:

1.  Restart your Mac in Boot Camp so that you are running in the Windows partition.

2.  You will need to show hidden files on Windows.


3.  Backup and then delete the following files:

Windows 7

4.  Create a new user Administrator account called "Autodesk".

Select the Video:  My computer is in a Workgroup

5.  Logout of the current account and login to "Autodesk".

6.  Launch AutoCAD and let it activate.  If it doesn't activate automatically, please check out this post:


7.  Please logout of the "Autodesk" account and log back into the orginal account and launch your Autodesk product [AutoCAD].


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