Autodesk Moldflow 2013: Design Link licenses are not working
General Licensing: WTFFFFFFFF ?

Simulation CFD 2013: The copy functions cannot be used.

When attempting to create a deployment for Simulation CFD 2013, you wil get the following error:


The copy functions cannot be used.
Failed to copy the following files:

NOTE:  The 'msi' folder does not exist and you can still install the software using the Install on this Computer option.

Please download the following script [ SimCFD2013_Deployment ]:

1. Setup a host machine which has a shared folder of the installation kit. 
2. Edit the batch file to point to Setup.exe on the shared folder, network settings, serial number, etc 
3. Execute batch script on client machine --> Installs 3rdParty, Fusion, and SimCFD2013 silently with progress bar.

Thanks to Royce Abel and the CFD team for providing this workaround.


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