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AutoCAD 2012 for Mac: Using 3 displays will send an error report to Autodesk

I recently helped out one of my co-workers with a case in which AutoCAD 2012 on Mac would not start and it would send an error report to Autodesk.  The specific hardware used in this case is below:

  • MacBook Pro 17" running 10.7 (Lion) - running max resolution
  • Min-Display Port - connected to a LCD display running max resolution
  • 3rd party USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI Display Adapter connected to another LCD display running max resolution

Using all 3 displays will crash AutoCAD on Mac and send an error report to Autodesk.  As soon as you select the display to be in mirror mode, AutoCAD 2012 for Mac would start properly.   The suggestion is to test a couple of resolution & display settings based on your hardware setup to find out which works best.

Thanks to John Cable for confirming that this solution worked.


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