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Downloading Software: You need at least triple the space of the size of the download...

When downloading Autodesk software especially Suites, please have at least triple (3x)  the amount of the space in your hard drive based on the size of the download.  Here is a example:

1.  If Autodesk Suite or product is 50 GB.

2.  During the download the file is then stored temporarily in the temp  folder [ Start > %temp%], There will be another 50 GB when it is copying from the temp folder to the download folder.

3. When the file is extracted, it will go into C:\Autodesk by default.  At this point, the files are also uncompressed and will get much bigger than the actual downloaded file.  This could be 50+ GB.

Step 1 [50 GB] + Step 2 [50 GB] + Step 3  [50 GB+] = > 150 GB




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