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Using Gatekeeper on Mountain Lion and Autodesk products

Autodesk does not support Mountain Lion [Mac OS 10.8] yet.  For a list of Mac Compatible [native] products, you can go here:

Some of our appliations that are native to the Mac were designed pre-Mountain Lion [Mac OS 10.8] and you will notice that you cannot even install it. Please check out this article on one of the new features of Mountain Lion [Mac OS 10.8] called Gate Keeper:

Software installed on Mac OS X must be from an "identified developer" to prevent malware from being installed so please use this workaround with discretion.

AutoCAD for Mac and Mountain Lion


The next version of the Mac OS X operating system, Mountain Lion, is expected any day now and Autodesk just released a technical solution regarding support for this new OS:

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT support Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

The short version is that no AutoCAD for Mac or AutoCAD LT for Mac products are currently supported on Mountain Lion however they are actively working on adding that support. For more information, please check out:



Cannot initialize ASI error when trying to start Civil 3D 2013

The symtoms and solution of the error message 'Cannot initialize ASI' pointed to an older technical solution.

The problem is that this solution was only problematic when 64 bit operating systems were 'rare'.  I have not seen this error before with the Windows 7 x64 so installing MDAC should not be necessary.   So, what is the solution?

Here is another similar issue with the 'Insert WSE 3.0 Disk and click OK Message' blog post.  The solution is to not download, search  or install a pre-requisite. 

The solution is to perform...

"...a complete uninstall all the AutoCAD 2012 base products. Cleaning up the folders and then installing them back. I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my test box but it looks like it was a mix of windows updates and us removing 2012 that did it."

Thanks to Jeff Cambell for sharing this tip with the community.


Error in reporting the Vendor Daemon Status in the FlexNet Manager

FlexNet Manager is a asset management tool from Flexera Software.  This is a tool that works along with the standard Autodesk Network License Manager.

In this scenario, the customer had the Autodesk Network License Manager running and the clients were able to access the license server to run an Autodesk product.

The problem was that there was an error in the reporting within the FlexNet Manager.  There was a yellow exclamation mark when checking the Vendor Daemon Status.  The site was not able to get any reports from this tool.

Skanska-flexnet Manager1

This site had access to current Autodesk products 2010-2013 [Subscription / Package] as well as some older 2009 [INCREMENT] and 2008 [INCREMENT] products. 

To solve this error message in FlexNet Manager, we needed to edit the license file and delete the additional parts that contained the following: 

SERVER your-server-name 00xx00xx00xx00 27000
VENDOR adskflex port=2080

The problem occured when combining the 2013-2010, 2009 & 2008 license because the additional SERVER information was kept in the final combined license file.  Here is another post regarding a best practice when combining licenses:

Thanks to Robert D. for sharing this tip with the community.

Licensing error 0.0.0 with Maya 2011 with Subscription Maya Creation Suite 2013

If you are running need to run Maya 2011 and you have a Subscription Maya Creation Suite 2013 license which allows you to run Maya 2013 - 2010, you will need to re-generate a license today on Register Once.

For details on the process of registration, please check out this post:

If you generated license before July 18, 2012, you will notice the following if you use the license parser on your license file, Maya 2011 is going to use try to use the code 85687MYECSP_2011_0F to launch.  

Also, if you check the Casscade Order for 2011 products, Maya 2011 is looking for 85620MYECS_2011_0F and not 85687MYECSP_2011_0F.

Autodesk Maya 2011 Cascading Sequence:
Autodesk Maya 2011

Autodesk Education Suite for Entertainment Creation 2011
Autodesk Animation Academy 2011
Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2011

When you check out the Flex Codes used in for Maya 2011, it uses the following:

Autodesk Maya 2011 |  85537MAYA_2011_0F
Autodesk Maya ESC 2011 | 85620MYECS_2011_0F


If you use the license parser on an older Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2013 license, you will notice that Maya 2011 license code is 85687MYECSP_2011_0F.



This is a sample Maya 2012 Creation Suite license and it contains the correct Flex Code 85620MYECS_2011_0F to run Maya 2011.



This is the corrected license file for Maya Creation Suite 2013.


Thanks to Lap Ho, Alek Valle and the development team for assisting in resolving this licensing issue.

How to Disable the Communication Center?

Some of you have experienced slow startup or noticed that upon launch of Civil 3D your program becomes unresponsive. The whole issue is described in the article TS15228698. It basically happens because InfoCenter process was left running on some machines after Civil 3D 2011 was closed. But that’s not the only reason I am writing this post.  I have seen some of you asked how to completely disable Communication Center.

Please check out details via


Toshiba dynadock software will cause Setup.exe to crash

Just an FYI, that the Toshiba dynadock docking stations are using Display Link technology.

This basically means that you will need to update your Display Link software or the setup of your Autodesk product will crash and it will send us an Autodesk Installer Error Report.

Reference posts:

Thanks to Scott Campbell for confirming that this solution worked.

Revit 2013 will hang at 'Preparing Revit Content'

We have been getting some cases in which Revit Content is not installing and is 'hanging'.  There are some differences between the downloaded version or Revit from the Subscription Center and the DVD media.  The downloaded version requires an internet connection to install Revit Content. The DVD version has the content on the media itself.  In some instances, if it hangs, at Preparing Revit Content, if you disconnect your internet connection, the install will continue but it will skip the Revit Content.

I recently stumbed on this solution in which you add some settings to your browser to allow the installation to continue:

You can order the DVD media in the Download section in the Subscription Site. Thanks to Byron Morales and Danny Hubbard for assisting on this post.

FATAL Error: Unhandled e06d7363h Exception at fe17cacdh on AutoCAD LT 2013

We recently solved another Unhandled error on AutoCAD LT 2013.  In this case, the user had older files in AutoCAD and they recently upgraded to AutoCAD LT 2013.  When opening a particular file, it would open but if you clicked on the layer tab (bottom), it would generate this error:


FATAL Error: Unhandled e06d7363h Exception at fe17cacdh

With the help our the AutoCAD guru, Michael Bussiere, we cleaned up the dwg file by applying this technical solution to the problematic file: