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Quick Start: Setting up a licensing server on Linux

Here is a Quick Start Guide to setup a license server on Linux.  There are a lot of links here so my suggestion is to open the URLs in a new tab!

1.  Confirm the operating system is supported on Linux for setting up the Network License Manager:

Linux ®  32 or 64 bit on Red Hat®  Enterprise Linux WS.

It may work with other flavours of Redhat based Linux but we may not support it. i.e. Centos, Fedora, Scientific Linux.



2. .  You need download and install the NLM (Network License Manager) Software on the computer license server:


The file is compressed using .gz and .tar.  You can also use Winrar (Windows) to get you to the final .rpm file.  Also, in Linux, the file will automatically extract when you double click it.

To install the nlmipv4support_linux32.rpm, run this command to install the software:



rpm -ivh /path/of/extracted/nlmipv4support_linux32.rpm

3.  You will need to obtain the hostname and the ethernet address (lmhostid) of the computer that will be the Network License Manager.

a.  Launch a Terminal Window

b.  Go to the directory where lmutil is installed.

cd /opt/flexnetserver

c.  Retrieve the host name by entering the following in a Terminal:

./lmutil lmhostid -hostname

d.  Retrieve the hostname by entering the following in a Terminal:

./lmutil lmhostid 

4.  You will need to get your license file for the computer / license server.

a. To get your serial numbers, you will need to go to the Autodesk Manage site and review the following article:


b. Login to Register Once to get your license.


a.  Validate your account information.

b.  Enter your serial number.


c.  Enter  your license server information.


You can also call this phone number to manually get your licenses.  Please have your serial numbers for your Autodesk product, hostname and ethernet address of the license server ready:

1-866-681-4359 - Option 1 (English) - Option 1

Reference:  http://upandready.typepad.com/up_and_ready/2011/07/general-licensing-requesting-a-network-license-online.html

5.  Using a Text Editor or vi, create the license file.  The default name of the license file and location is:


6.  To start the license server, you will need to run this command:

a.  Launch a Terminal Window

b.  Go to the directory where networ license manager is installed.



cd /opt/flexnetserver

./lmgrd -c /var/flexlm/adsk_server.lic

To check the license server:

./lmutil lmstat -a -c /var/flexlm/adsk_server.lic

7.  Typically, for the client computers that need to run Maya or Mudbox,  the default name of the file and location is:


The contents of the client file is:

SERVER name-of-server-or-ip-address 0


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