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The easiest way to reset AutoCAD on Windows

To reset AutoCAD 2012 and older,  we used to always direct customers to the following solutions:

You would have to extropolate the registry values to the particular AutoCAD vertical. i.e. MEP, Electrical, Mechanical etc.   This process is often called reinitiating the secondary installer.  This doesn't work in AutoCAD 2013 anymore and the registry keys are in different locations.  Hacking the Registry is so passé these days!  

The easiest way to reset an AutoCAD 2013 product is below:


Start > Programs > Autodesk > AutoCAD 2013 - English >  Reset Settings to Default

Some helpful reference posts:

Thanks to Shawn Niles for assistance in this tip.


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L Thomas Bayne

I followed the steps above; nothing happened. I wasn't prompted at all. It was like I had pressed the back arrow or escape

David Lau

Try turning off UAC and/or check if you have admin privileges.

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