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If you are installing Maya 2013 SP1 on the Mac and you require the use of Matchmover, please use the the original Maya 2013 media [dmg] to install it.  You are basically installing Matchmover 2013.

If you have installed Matchmover 2013 SP1, the error that you will get is:


Tried Maya 2013 (657E1 2013.0.0.P), error 25

The Development Team has been alerted of the problem and we are working to fix SP1 on Mac as soon as possible.  Thanks to Hashim Mundol for alerting us of the issue and various EDU sites for confirming the problem.

NOTE:  This applies to standalone and network installations of Maya 2013!


Maya 2013 SP2 has resolved this issue.  This was released on September 24, 2012.



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Fixed with Maya2013 SP2 release.

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