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Matchmover 2013 SP1 on Mac error: Tried Maya 2013 (657E1 2013.0.0.P), error 25

Revit 2013: The yellow triangle in an exclamation mark error...solved!

We have had only a few reports on this interesting error with many possible ideas on the solution.  In this case, the installation of Revit 2013 worked on other computers running Windows 7 but only 1 computer had this error:

Revit error launch icon

The customer looked at the error message dump from windows see if there were any logs referring to a program launch and it was pointing to .NET.  In this case, the solution was very easy, they repaired .NET.

Here is a solution for an old Maya error message that is sure to cause a similar "huh"...

Thanks to John Bund for sharing this tip with the community.


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Seeing this error on a new installation of AutoCAD 2013 is the reason many of us decided to uninstall the release. It is also why it will remain off my computer(s) until a Service Pack or Hotfix is issued. This error message hit a lot of people and was discussed in the Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 discussion board shortly after 2013 was released.

The lack of reports may be an indication of how many people simply abandoned the program as much as anything else.

David Lau

Thanks for your comments. Troubleshooting Windows issues and software installations can be tricky.

As a blogger, I would publish a post if 1) I had to type the response to a case more than twice. 2) If a solution or workaround for a problem has been found.

We created this blog as an avenue of 'data sharing' and I hope this helps in the future when deploying or installing our software.

Geoff Alexander

thanks David, i have tried this using 'repair' am I supposed to 'uninstall'?
i still get that very helpful error of a yellow exclamation mark. i found this problem with the last 3 versions and solved it by buying a new computer. not an economic way to go.

David Lau

I would turn off UAC and repair .NET. There are a lot of variables that can cause this problem, please check out this additional post on Revit re-installation as well.

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