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Licensing: How can I control license usage with options file and Active Directory integration?

Currently, there are 3rd party tools available for integrating the Autodesk licensing options file (adskflex.opt) or other flexlm basesd software licenses with Active Directory.

If you need to control the license usage using adskflex.opt file integrated with Active Directory Users and Computers, you could use the following Group Policy settings.

This is only tested in the lab, so if you come across any issues, please share your experience with the community. This is not an officially supported or tested work flow.

Basic strategy to achieve this integration is using Group Policy Objects in the Active Directory and "LM_PROJECT" System variable as documented here

Example work flow would be as follows.

  1. Create a New Group in Active Directory and add users and computers who can use the specific Autodesk Product i.e.  AutoCAD Users



  2. Create Group Policy object to create System Environment variable as documented here (i.e. Variable Name: "LM_PROJECT", Value:"ACADUSERS")


  3. Target the Variable only to the Certain Security group in Active Directory



  4. Create adskflex.opt file on the license server with the following line:


    The above line forces the Users/Computer within Active Directory group "AutoCAD Users" to use AutoCAD 2013 license, all the others would be denied AutoCAD Licenses.

  5. Stop and Start the license service.
  6. Login to the domain from the AutoCAD client machine, (or refresh the group policy )
  7. Whenever you want give a new user access to AutoCAD 2013, It is as simple as adding the user/Computer to the "AutoCAD Users" group in the Active Directory.

Note:  If you wish control the usage per user within the same computer, you could use the GPO Delegation (Permissions) tweak to deny the users/group access to the particular GPO as documented here


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Jürgen Wagner

great idea to link the AD Group to a Sysvar!

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