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PDSS Licensing: Autodesk Product Design suite Standard License and using Previous Versions of Inventor

We have added Inventor in Product Design Suite Standard 2013 [PDSS].   Due to this addition there has been some confusion around the previous versions of Inventor allowed to run with the new PDSS subscription (Package) license. Final change to the license has been done on 31 July 2012.

If you are on subscription and you have been issued a PDSS licenses prior to 1st August 2012, please re-issue the licenses to use previous versions of Inventor as documented here.

Licenses be obtained online at



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Xavier Dumont

Then do you mean it's possible to ask for an Inventor 2012 license with PDSS?

Thanks in advance.


If on subscription, you can re-issue the license file and new license file should include Inventor 2012

Kordé Francis

If it's not a NLM license but a SLM. From which source do i have to install inventor? PDSP, PDSU, Inventor "naked"?

Thanks in advance


If you mean using Inventor 2012 SLM with Subscription of PDSS 2013 SLM.

Using the Plain Inventor 2012 media would be good.

But please request this through subscription center, you might need specific serial number and products

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