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The case of the AutoCAD and the Windows Blue Screen of Death

You are running on Windows 7 x64 and you are running AutoCAD 2012.  AutoCAD was running previously and when you launch it now, you get the Windows Blue Screen of Death.

You have tried the following:

In this was not Autocad, it was a Trojan called the Google Redirect Virus. Quite a little nasty bug to find and get rid of. It attaches itself to a running process so it doesn’t get picked up by the Anti-Virus programs. In this case, it must have attached to an acad.exe process and when we tried run AutoCAD, it caused the crash. I downloaded TDSSKiller from Kaspersky and was able to find it and remove and everything is working fine now.

Thanks to David Duffy for sharing this tip with the community!


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