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Using a Mac as a license server and "Server line says" error...

We are starting to get more cases on this interesting issue when using a Mac as a license server. Normally, you would need to use the built-in Ethernet card to generate a license file but you may actually now need to use the  802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking card instead if you get this error:


Server line says #, hostid is #

I have seen this error before affecting Mac Mini's but I have now seen this problem on an iMac running Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  NOTE:  The server software is not supported yet on the latest Mac operating system.

Eric Kunzendorf-error

Apple is not including a built-in Ethernet card for some of their hardware.  It is an interesting co-incidence.

Thanks to Eric Kunzendorf for confirming this solution.



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