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Civil 3D 2013: Where is Storm & Sanitary Analysis & Subassembly Composer?

When you install Civil 3D 2013, you have to expand the accordian to get access to install the following Sub-Components:

  • Autodesk Storm & Sanitary Analysis 2013
  • Autodesk Subassembly Composer for AutoCAD Civil 2013


If you create a deployment and you do not select those components, you will NOT be able to add it in the deployment afterwards if you try to Create & modify a deployment [in the Tools folder].


To solve this problem, run the setup of AutoCAD Civil 3D again on the target computer.  It should will alert you that AutoCAD Civil 3D is installed.   Just expand the accordian to install the 2 sub-components.



You can re-download Civil 3D 2013 using the Virtual Agent (Step 3) here:


Thanks to Avto Chachava for this workaround.


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David Loeffelholz

How do we install SSA 2013 manually? When I try to install the plugin it says "Storm and Sanitary Analysis Stand-Alone 2013 must be installed prior to installing plugins." Thank you.

David Lau SAC 2013 can be installed in this way. SSA2013 cannot be installed this way. I will need to investigate if there is an easier way to install SSA 2013.

shamil gelba


i've downloaded civil 3d trial version from autodesk site, and when i was trying to instal it program wrote me ''Result=1619'' ,
what it means??

avto chachava tu ici amis Sesaxeb gammarkvie gtxoov ;)

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