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AutoCAD: How much of my MEMORY [RAM] is my drawing really using?

Have you ever wandered about the amount of RAM memory that your drawing is really using and you don't want to use the Task Manager...

Here is a quick tip, open the biggest, baddest .dwg that you have and type STATUS on the command line.  It will show you the amount of RAM that your drawing is using with the complete statistics of the drawing.


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I think these values are being misunderstood. The values that the STATUS command are reporting are total system RAM numbers and not specific to the individual DWG file.

A simple test to prove this is to open a test drawing file. Then open one or two internet browsers with a few tabs in each browser. Now open Microsoft Outlook and Word and some other memory intensive application. Now run the STATUS command in AutoCAD. It will give you the numbers. Write them down or take a screen shot of them. Now close all the other applications except for AutoCAD. Run the STATUS command again. The numbers will be different. That is because it is only reading the values from the task manager. It is not telling you the specific amount of RAM your DWG file is using.

Another way to test this is to open up the Task Manager and go to the performance tab. Look at the value under Physical Memory for the Available number. This should coincide with the Free physical memory value from the STATUS command.

David Lau

I am going ask Tatiana from the Being Civil blog team check out your comment. Fascinating....

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