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Laws: If you have AutoCAD 2013 in your Suite, don't include the update...

A tribute to Lefler's Laws, an old Star Trek TNG reference.  Here is the first Up and Ready Law:

If you have a Suite that has AutoCAD 2013 in it along with any other AutoCAD vertical, do not include the update in the deployment or it will roll back your installation.

This applies to ALL Suites:


Another good search parameter are the Quick Start Guides in Up and Ready blog site.


This will apply to any update including the SP1, if you had installed it.  There is a special note about SP1 here:

Epilogue 2

You will also need to look for Autodesk Sync and uninstall it.  If an update has been applied, you only need to uninstall the program and the update will be automatically uninstalled as well.





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