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Data Encrypted Drives + Autodesk Software + Temp folders

We recently got an interesting case in which an installation of Autodesk software was affected by an encrypted drive.

The site was using Credent Mobile Security and it is very similar to Microsoft BitLocker.  Just a note, I have not had any reports with BitLocking your hard drive and installing our software.

In the installation log stated the following:  

2012/11/1:14:20:19 m~3 O~LT045 === Setup started on OTH01LT045 by m~3 ===
2012/11/1:14:20:19 m~3 O~LT045 Launch
2012/11/1:14:42:02 m~3 O~LT045 === Setup ended ===

The error message when installing AutoCAD LT 2012 was:

07757754-autocad Install  error

The system cannot open the device or file specified.

In this scenario, the solution is to change the both environment variables TEMP & TMP folder to another location (drive i.e. D:\ or E:\ etc) that didn't have the encryption enabled.  

The default value for TEMP & TMP is typically in the local user of the C:\ drive:


Reference posts of various other TEMP & TMP folder workarounds:

Thanks to Ryan Martin for sharing this tip with the community.


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