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mental ray batch licenses counts are not correct when combining Maya and Creation Suite licenses together

You have a license server with a Maya and an Entertainment Creation Suite license and you will notice that the Entertainment Creation Suite licenses for mental ray batch [MMR1] will overide the mental ray batch count even though they are issued on the same date.  

In this instance, if you have the following:

1 x Entertainment Creation Suite
5 x Maya 

For each Maya license you have, you should have 5 mental ray batch licenses, therefore you should have 30 x  mental ray batch [MMR1] licenses.

Using the License Parser, you will see the behaviour of the licenses and the problem will only happen if the licenses are combined.

Maya 2013 license



Entertainment Creation Suite 2013



Maya 2013 and Entertainment Creation Suite 2013 combined into 1 license file


The reason for this problem is that the Maya 2013 license with has an all inclusive mental ray batch license [MMR1,MMR2, MMR3, MMR4, MMR6 & 2013-2010].

PACKAGE 85537MAYAMMR1_F adskflex 1.000 \
COMPONENTS="85857MAYAMMR1_2013_0F 85694MAYAMMR1_2012_0F \
85537MAYAMMR1_2011_0F 85537MAYAMMR3_2011_0F \
85537MAYAMMR4_2011_0F 85537MAYAMMR5_2011_0F \
85537MAYAMMR2_2011_0F 85400MAYAMMR1_2010_0F \
85400MAYAMMR3_2010_0F 85400MAYAMMR4_2010_0F \
85400MAYAMMR5_2010_0F 85400MAYAMMR2_2010_0F" OPTIONS=SUITE \
SUPERSEDE ISSUED=23-Nov-2012 SIGN="0EE7 2D5B 3C26 12B1 3244 \
2A3E F352 1017 6D52 D3EE 2368 0344 D031 B84E EDC8 0224 743C \
3068 39A8 0FF6 4E17 325D 3EA4 6B07 F459 83AD 9797 4B19 7488 \
FC26" SIGN2="1A9E 4021 21E8 1D97 81BA 896C 8DC2 FEF9 5835 937E \
0EEA 3E9D 3627 C26D 91F9 0AC3 E78C 273A 395D D0CE 37A7 36B3 \
F4F7 DDA8 EF65 491E 6584 EB57 2920 FBC4"

INCREMENT 85537MAYAMMR1_F adskflex 1.000 23-nov-2013 30 \
SN=XXX-XXXXXXXX SIGN="0444 8708 9189 4F44 5C2B 4414 6955 0F45 \
D228 097B 02ED 54B7 72CF AA5D 0914 155B 6B8C 8CAB 4B76 3923 \
43B9 A204 AE1E 7EDA 31AE 2772 06E7 E56E BF10 A630" SIGN2="0355 \
BD86 57C3 0DDC 843B D0A9 505B 9E18 D39A 15F4 8D63 96C6 6BA6 \
2B14 2A62 0583 3D1A 680F 6838 0A8A 8F20 827D 617F A07E AF89 \
0D25 C18B C9E8 A2F0 11CF"

As a temporary workaround, please comment out all the MMR1 licenses with the exception of this Maya MMR1 license (see above example).

Thanks to Matti Ööpik for alerting us of the issue and we have also informed the Maya Development Team of this problem.


Data Encrypted Drives + Autodesk Software + Temp folders

We recently got an interesting case in which an installation of Autodesk software was affected by an encrypted drive.

The site was using Credent Mobile Security and it is very similar to Microsoft BitLocker.  Just a note, I have not had any reports with BitLocking your hard drive and installing our software.

In the installation log stated the following:  

2012/11/1:14:20:19 m~3 O~LT045 === Setup started on OTH01LT045 by m~3 ===
2012/11/1:14:20:19 m~3 O~LT045 Launch
2012/11/1:14:42:02 m~3 O~LT045 === Setup ended ===

The error message when installing AutoCAD LT 2012 was:

07757754-autocad Install  error

The system cannot open the device or file specified.

In this scenario, the solution is to change the both environment variables TEMP & TMP folder to another location (drive i.e. D:\ or E:\ etc) that didn't have the encryption enabled.  

The default value for TEMP & TMP is typically in the local user of the C:\ drive:


Reference posts of various other TEMP & TMP folder workarounds:

Thanks to Ryan Martin for sharing this tip with the community.

Windows 8 Support

FYI,  this is the solution that will have a list of of supported Autodesk products when they become supported on Windows 8.  Please check back often as we add more products into the matrix:


This is a note from the the Being Civil team:

I know some of you have been asking about Windows 8 support for Civil 3D and the rest of the Infrastructure products. Just released is the current list of support Autodesk products on the new Windows 8 platform. At this time none of the Infrastructure products (Map 3D, Civil 3D, Infrastructure Modeler, etc.) are included in this list. The only one that is supported from the Infrastructure Design Suite at this time is 3DS Max Design.



Composite & Softimage: The case of the fatal missing registry keys

An excellent read on using Procmon to solve a licensing problem:

If you have not used it before, check it out here:

Some older Up and Ready posts that used Procmon to also solve a problem:

We love Procmon...

Maya 2012 on Mac and installing on 10.7 and 10.8

Just a quick tip when installing Maya 2012 on newer Mac operating systems like 10.6 (Leopard), 10.7 (Snow Leopard) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

1.  It's not supported and it is noted here:

2.  You will notice that you cannot install it and there will be the following error:


3.  In this instance, you just need to not select Direct Connect to complete the installation.  Direct Connect is used for Data Transfer within Maya.

4.  Maya 2012 will now run but it's not supported!

Laws: Don't delete your original deployment files

Unless you like to hack the registry, please don't delete a deployment on your network until you are absolutely not using it.  For example, if your site is not using any Autodesk 2011 product, then you can delete all the 2011 deployment packages on the server.

The computer that has the Autodesk software installed will be looking at deployment location for repairing, re-installing and patching of the software.

It is much easier to not delete the deployment than to hack the registry to a  valid location of the software.

Even if you have created a new deployment, hacked the registry and you have duplicated the deployment path, another variable to consider is if you have included Service Packs in the original deployment which can then affect a repair & re-install  of the product.

NOTE:  This can potentially apply to just regular installed/extracted software as well.   i.e. C:\Autodesk

Thanks to Alison Gangler for this suggestion.


An updated solution is noted here:

Laws: The proper way to disable IPv6

Trust me, it's easy to "de-configure" and reconfigure IPv6, just use this Microsoft Fix It tool:


We have been getting a lot of cases on this behaviour.  When you open the command prompt and type: 

ping localhost

The result is:  ::1:


Basically, you have only done 1 of 2 steps to correctly disable IPv6. i.e. Change the DisabledComponents registry value & Unbind IPv6 from a specific network adapter.  


Just check out the Microsoft Fix It tool for further details.  Trust me, it's easy...

If you want to keep IPv6 in your network, I would check out the following workflow to swap out the IPv4 Network License Tools with the IPv6 compliant Network License Tools:


The joy of Windows 8 and anything new...

Personally, I love change. When Windows XP came, I embraced the big Start Menu.  I didn't change the theme to look like Windows NT.  I used Windows Vista and I started to love it as well.  Trust me, I had some interesting workflows like not logging out of my account and locking my computer to save precious login boot time.   I think I ran Windows Vista for 2 weeks straight!  Windows 7 is perfect as far as I am concerned.

I have not used Windows 8 yet.   The best thing to do is just to read all the reviews and prep yourself of these new changes when you are ready to upgrade your computer.   I would probably wait until the next release of Autodesk products before jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon.

My thoughts are to upgrade with caution and remember, change is the only contant.

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