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Laws: Don't delete your original deployment files

Unless you like to hack the registry, please don't delete a deployment on your network until you are absolutely not using it.  For example, if your site is not using any Autodesk 2011 product, then you can delete all the 2011 deployment packages on the server.

The computer that has the Autodesk software installed will be looking at deployment location for repairing, re-installing and patching of the software.

It is much easier to not delete the deployment than to hack the registry to a  valid location of the software.

Even if you have created a new deployment, hacked the registry and you have duplicated the deployment path, another variable to consider is if you have included Service Packs in the original deployment which can then affect a repair & re-install  of the product.

NOTE:  This can potentially apply to just regular installed/extracted software as well.   i.e. C:\Autodesk

Thanks to Alison Gangler for this suggestion.


An updated solution is noted here:


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Kevin Busacker

Autodesk software also looks at original deployment location when trying to uninstall the software. For this reason, do not delete your deployment simpy because you are no longer using it.

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