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The joy of Windows 8 and anything new...

Personally, I love change. When Windows XP came, I embraced the big Start Menu.  I didn't change the theme to look like Windows NT.  I used Windows Vista and I started to love it as well.  Trust me, I had some interesting workflows like not logging out of my account and locking my computer to save precious login boot time.   I think I ran Windows Vista for 2 weeks straight!  Windows 7 is perfect as far as I am concerned.

I have not used Windows 8 yet.   The best thing to do is just to read all the reviews and prep yourself of these new changes when you are ready to upgrade your computer.   I would probably wait until the next release of Autodesk products before jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon.

My thoughts are to upgrade with caution and remember, change is the only contant.

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Brendan Henderson

I put an Windows 8 Pro upgrade on my Win 7 Pro box. While the GUI will take a bit to get used too, Inventor 2013 runs fine (so far).

David Lau

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community!!!


Windows may have something new and good but as of today, I windows 7 is still the best operating system for me.

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