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Tip: Drive Lettering

Tip: Rename "Computer" to your actual computer name

The default desktop icon and name for your computer is:  Computer.  If you change Computer to the actual computer name, you can easily access the UNC path of your computer by using Windows Explorer by adding a \\ in the address bar.

Please check out this video tutorial: Computer-to-Computer-name


I have encoded this movie as an .mp4.  Windows Media Player in Windows 7 should be able to play it.  If not, then you need to download Quick Time or VLC Player.


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Smart idea I might do that :)

Josh Hunt

This works in Windows out of the box. There is no need to rename the "Computer" icon.

Steve Sequenzia

Extremely interesting information. I think more people need to know about this because I know there are many people who are changing to name from computer to their actual name. Thank you for the post.
Steve @ IT Services Denver

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