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Simulation CFD 2013: The (basic) Solver license could not be checked out from license server

Typically, Simulation CFD users use their local workstation as a license server.

1. Setup your Simulation CFD workstation as a license server.  i.e. PC-WORKSTATION1

2. Install Simulation CFD and set it up as a network version and put in the servername.  i.e. PC-WORKSTATION1

3. Run Simulation CFD 2013.  When you try to use a Solver, there is an error:


The (basic) Solver license could not be checked out from license server

You have the correct licenses and it is noted in the Licensing dialog box above but for some reason, it is not being picked up.

4.  The solution is to search for the LICPATH.LIC file in C:\Program Files\Autodesk and edit it.




SERVER 000000000000

NOTE: If you edit the file using Notepad and you can't save it after editing it.  Just save ithe file your desktop and manually move it into the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Simulation CFD 2013 folder.

5.  Ah, there is no place like home...ah...

Thanks to Royce Abel for sharing this to the community.


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Dave Morse

What is the reasoning behind using your local machine as the license server, as opposed to getting a license from the ADLM on a network server?
Can it even be installed that way?

David Lau

For Simulation CFD users, it is normal for them to have the workstation setup as the license server. Simulation CFD would float to "itself".

CFD is not sold as a standalone verion.

Dave Morse

We have a license file already on our server, where the ADLM is managing our licenses. Is this not a valid method, and therefore the reason that Simulation CFD 360 cannot obtain a license? Would I need to clip the license data from our server license file and paste it into a new file on my local machine? Thanks for your help.

David Lau

Simulation CFD 2013/2013 = Network License Server
Simulation CFD 360 = Cloud

The Front Desk Team can be contacted via this post:

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