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General Installation: Installing Autodesk products from web with ‘Install Now’ option

Since several Autodesk products (e.g. Revit 2014) on Autodesk Subscription site have “Install Now” option only, I thought I would post general recommendation that can help you solve problems with product installation.

Network Port Requirements

A message "Unable to Access Network Ports" indicates that network ports are not available on your computer. These ports are required to support the product download and installation process. They may be in use by another application, or blocked by a security firewall. You will need access to at least one http port and one https port from the following list:

  • http port 49176, 54176, or 6317
  • https port 49276, 54276, or 63276

You may be able to make ports available by closing applications. Then click Install Now again.  After the installer opens, you can reopen any applications you want.

Slow Start to a Download

Soon after clicking Install Now, you may notice that the download process seems to slow down or stop. If you do not see an error message, please be patient and allow the process to continue without interruption. The slow start may be caused by heavy traffic on the network.

Disconnected Installation

If you try to run the Setup.exe file in the installer folder (located at %SystemDrive%\Autodesk\<Product_name_version_Setup>), you will see the message "Connection Expired". Launching this setup file directly is not supported. To restart the installation process, navigate to the download web page and click Install Now for the product.

Installer not Launching

If you are using an older web browser, and download a product more than once, you may find that the installer does not launch. This behavior has occurred with Chrome version 15, but may also occur with other browsers.

The solution is as follows: 

  1. Delete the installer setup files from the Downloads folder. The format of these files is
  2. Refresh the browser page.
  3. On the download website, click Install Now again.

Upgrading your browser to a newer version is also recommended.


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technology review

First of all we can't use these as a distributed licensed product because it hasn't been authorized. As such, these softwares are very expensive now.


I think this new system of downloads trials, is a big .......
Very bad system.


In my office, are not possible to open ports.

Avto Chachava

Please use a 'Browser Download' method to download and install the software.

Jerry B

If there are so many problems with the Autodesk Subscription "Install Now" option, why is it the only option available as is the case with Simulation 360 Pro.

I have tried for several days and constantly get Communication Failures and "Connection has expired" messages.

Please make another download method available.




Trial download system sucks.
would not every come back except it is a customer requirement.

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